Pre-Wedding Photos – the Girls Getting Ready

It was so much fun having everyone get ready together! Amanda did a great job detaching my mother’s veil from a lace cap and then reattaching it to my hair comb. Nicole did all of the bridesmaid hair (with some help from Emily), we sipped champagne and I gave an impromptu speech (thus the tears you’ll see when you scroll down). One set of photos I didn’t include, but maybe will later since this was certainly of of my favorite memories, are from when we passed around some sports photo buttons of Kyle as a kid and teenager – the photos are adorable and hilarious since they don’t resemble present-day Kyle at all (Kyle used to look like a Backstreet Boy).

Here are the best of the photos from the hotel room with the bridesmaids and Kroeger family:

ali-kyle-1 copy

all of the bridesmaid dressesali-kyle-41 ali-kyle-39 ali-kyle-53 ali-kyle-25* ali-kyle-26* ali-kyle-58* ali-kyle-63*ali-kyle-66ali-kyle-64 ali-kyle-70 ali-kyle-86 copyali-kyle-77ali-kyle-81ali-kyle-80ali-kyle-90

ali-kyle-98ali-kyle-97 ali-kyle-100 ali-kyle-103 ali-kyle-108 ali-kyle-114 ali-kyle-125 ali-kyle-136 ali-kyle-137ali-kyle-141

And off we went to get some photos!

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