Pre-Ceremony Photoshoots

Kyle and I didn’t see each other before I walked down the aisle, so we took our “group shots” with our best friends and family members separately.

Bridesmaids went to the Georgetown waterfront park …


I wore my mom’s veil – the veil’s lace trim just happened to match, almost exactly, the lace pattern on my dress.


ali-kyle-158* ali-kyle-154**

8 bridesmaids! Each of them are so special to me.

The girls all picked out their own dresses, and I just smile so much every time I think about how great they all looked together, and how lucky I am to have such wonderful girlfriends.


And the guys hung out in the park across from the hotel in Rosslyn (they looked great in their own suits!) …

ali-kyle-94* ali-kyle-96Next up – a post on the ceremony!

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