Staying Outdoors in the Big Apple

In late August Kyle and I went up to New York for a good friend’s wedding.  I go to NYC freqently for work, but rarely get the chance to really explore and be a tourist. We spent the entire weekend outside, and for the most part only traveled on the subway.

Our hotel was right next to to the 9/11 Memorial and the views of the memorial were amazing. It really is a beautiful site, the photos we got don’t fully capture the emotions. Thanks to a really great super-zoom lens we have on-loan from Kyle’s dad we have some great closeups.

DSC_0010* DSC_0014* DSC_0015* DSC_0026* copyDSC_0027* DSC_0047*

On Friday we went to the Chelsea area and walked the High Line, which is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets.  It is now, by far, my favorite place in New York. In addition to being beautiful with landscape architecture, there are fun food vendors along the line, artists working, and plenty of New Yorkers to observe in their natural habitat. Kyle also looked super cute in his hat this day, I might have gone overboard on closeups of him…

DSC_0053* DSC_0057* DSC_0058* DSC_0059* DSC_0060* DSC_0061* DSC_0065* DSC_0067* DSC_0069* DSC_0073* DSC_0081* DSC_0091* DSC_0095* DSC_0099*DSC_0105

DSC_0110* DSC_0112*

On Saturday morning before the wedding we rented bikes and biked Central Park, we did the entire path around the park in two hours! I don’t recommend it to others, unless maybe you’re in better shape than we are.

DSC_0115* DSC_0117*

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