Charm City

I’ll say this right away: I love Baltimore. After our 24 hour stay in Baltimore I was more or less begging Kyle to let us relocate. It would be totally possible I reasoned, it would just be an hour commute for me and an hour and a half for him…

Alright that’s not do-able for a happy healthy life. So, we’ll just have to visit often and pretend.

It’s easy to understand why I love Baltimore, not only are there good people like my friend Laura living there, but there is cheap beer and so much shellfish available I can’t help but feel like I’ve found my happy place.

Here are the photos from our day in the Inner Harbor area and then in Fells Point after taking the water taxi over – where you could buy oysters for $1!! You will see below me rifling through my purse trying to figure out how many dollars I had – because all of them were going towards oysters.

DSC_3234* DSC_3239* DSC_3241*
DSC_3251* DSC_3267* DSC_3271* DSC_3279* DSC_3290* DSC_3293* DSC_3296* DSC_3305* DSC_3311* DSC_3318*

I love crabs, sometimes I think about what would happen if I had to choose between Kyle and crabs coated in Old Bay…

This is what happens when you grow up in Ohio, shellfish can seem more exotic and exciting than your farm-town husband.

More Thoughts on Copenhagen

This is the last post on our trip. Before I forget, I have a few things to say about Copenhagen:

1) It was cold, and not in the “OMG is it really still snowing in late-March!?!?”-cold, it was cold like, “yep this is March in Scandinavia”-cold. And you know what, the people were just crazy happy that the SUN was OUT, and that seemed good enough excuse as any to grab ice cream and sit outside for lunch. And that’s what it seemed the city was doing, sitting outside for lunch in the sun, and grabbing ice cream on their way home (or wherever they were off to).
2) The men were total peacocks. They had perfectly styled hair you knew has taken a lot of time and probably money to get, and they had really cool thought-out clothes and shoes (in my opinion at least).  The women were more plain, a lot less makeup and accessories than I am certainly used to.
3) It appeared completely common for the dad/husband to be in charge of babies and young children when out of the house. I can’t count how many dads I saw with strollers and with their children sans-mom. You don’t really realize that it’s different, until it hits you that this is NOT like how it is in the US. For the record, the dads all seemed completely capable of handling the children on their own.
4) The people of Denmark really must be the happiest in the world (after UD students of course). They were just beyond friendly and courteous. Must be all of that ice cream and fresh, cold air.5) If you think the US has some hippies you should check out Christiania. I won’t go into any details, but there is a strict “no photo” rule, so the only photo we have is this first one:

This is the ice cream shop we hit up on our last day, it was quite a crowd for such a cold day:
Oh and 6) BIKES. The biking culture is not even a subculture like it is in DC. People bike, and that’s just how it is. The bike lanes were safe for riding on, there were bike traffic signals, and EVERYONE was biking around. Hence, floods of bikes tied up outside their metro stations:
Kyle looks good in Denmark’s hats: DSC_2917DSC_2920DSC_2932
On our last morning, before heading to the airport, our host couple treated us to some DELICIOUS Danish rolls – yes, those are pumpkin seeds on bread – I still have dreams about it: DSC_2943DSC_2944
Can’t wait to go back next year for the big wedding!