Charm City

I’ll say this right away: I love Baltimore. After our 24 hour stay in Baltimore I was more or less begging Kyle to let us relocate. It would be totally possible I reasoned, it would just be an hour commute for me and an hour and a half for him…

Alright that’s not do-able for a happy healthy life. So, we’ll just have to visit often and pretend.

It’s easy to understand why I love Baltimore, not only are there good people like my friend Laura living there, but there is cheap beer and so much shellfish available I can’t help but feel like I’ve found my happy place.

Here are the photos from our day in the Inner Harbor area and then in Fells Point after taking the water taxi over – where you could buy oysters for $1!! You will see below me rifling through my purse trying to figure out how many dollars I had – because all of them were going towards oysters.

DSC_3234* DSC_3239* DSC_3241*
DSC_3251* DSC_3267* DSC_3271* DSC_3279* DSC_3290* DSC_3293* DSC_3296* DSC_3305* DSC_3311* DSC_3318*

I love crabs, sometimes I think about what would happen if I had to choose between Kyle and crabs coated in Old Bay…

This is what happens when you grow up in Ohio, shellfish can seem more exotic and exciting than your farm-town husband.

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