We Aren’t Getting any Younger

Last week was Kyle’s 30th birthday. Which, brought up a lot of questions:

  1. How did you get so old?
  2. So… fast?
  3. Does this mean I’m old, or am I still young because I’m younger than you?
  4. Wait, you were 27 when I married you … so we’ve been married almost THREE years? That can’t be right, right?
  5. My life is flashing before my eyes. We can’t be this old. We have so much still to do! Have you been to the dentist recently?
  6. (Kyle’s question) At least we have the blog to look back on all our memories and stories, right?

OH, yeah. The blog….forgot about that one.

Life has been moving so fast I haven’t even blogged a
bout our SECOND trip to Copenhagen.  It appears we went to Paris and never came back (unfortunately, very unfortunately actually, that’s far from the truth).

The truth is Kyle was in TWO important weddings in 2015 and I haven’t logged the amazing experiences they were.  I haven’t recorded ANY of our house projects from the fall. Even if nobody reads our blog (that isn’t the point) it would be valuable to have these major events sealed for all eternity – or at least until I shut this sucker down. We have another crazy year ahead of us (despite our goal of keeping calm) and I need to catch up with recording 2015!Kyle

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