Kicking Off a Hiking Hobby

When Kyle turned 31 we decided that as a couple of actual “adults” we needed an activity to do as a couple (and drinking beer at a new bar didn’t count). We actually decided this when we turned 30, but it took another trip around the sun to actually put the plan into place.

Planning a trip to hike in the Grand Canyon also helped get a few training hikes onto the calendar to test out our boots. 

Our first hike was the Billy Goat Trail in Maryland over the summer, along the Potomac River. The hike was more difficult than we had thought hiking would be – a lot of rock scrambles and some light rock climbing intensified the hike. The great views, and perfect weather definitely helped. The fact that I could go to REI to stock up on some more gear afterwards really cemented this in for our new hobby.

Have you seen hiking clothes and gear? Talk about motivation!

DSC_5771 Yep, that’s me eating trail mix, on the trail. I look like a natural! DSC_5737


Our second hike was in the Shenandoah, through trails near our favorite winery (Glen Manor, duh) with our friends. This hike was somewhat difficult due to the elevation, but not as exciting as the Billy Goat due to the lack of rock scrambling. Thankfully there was a solid view at the top. 


Our third “training” hike was cancelled due to illness (cough*hangovers*cough) ….

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