Zellers Go West: Grand Canyon

Going to see the Grand Canyon was one of those experiences I never really had on my “bucket list” of travel destinations. It seemed so… Americana generic? Something to do with my future family on a road trip?

I clearly had no idea. 

It’s nothing like anything I could even put to words. It was huge, it was deep, it was colorful, it was full of life. Go there. Go with me, I’m going back (date: TBD, but hopefully soon). 

Our whirlwind of a trip out West with Kyle’s mom included a single day to spend in the Grand Canyon. This was the whole inspiration for our hiking hobby, and it only cemented that we are totally keeping it up.

IMG_20170928_093337063_TOP IMG_20170928_123650372


IMG_20170928_145503716_HDR IMG_20170928_123522829
Thanks to all our REI Garage gear, some borrowed hydration backpacks (lifesaver, don’t leave the house without one if at elevation!), and Mom as our guide, we had an unbelievable time hiking around the North Rim and driving around this small piece of the park.

The trails we did included:

  • Transept Trail – 3 mile out and back, which resulted in some of our best photos from the day.
  • Bright Angel Point Trail – .7 mile easy trail right out from the Lodge at the Visitor Center.
  • Cape Royal Trail – .9 mile easy trail with great views of a natural bridge and also of the Colorado River.

2017West - 49 2017West - 31

When we go back, we will:

  • Stay longer, maybe three days to get some more hikes in and more time with Mom
  • Rent one of these vans to sleep in at a campground (for those hikes) 
  • Hike to the bottom of the canyon to see what that’s all about (and street cred) 
  • Not have cold (stuffy nose while hiking at elevation wasn’t ideal) 

There are so few options at the North Rim, for food or activities, you have no option but to step back and enjoy it for what it is. Shed a tear or two because the two hour drive in anticipation was exhausting. Be thankful they have a snack shack. Take in the magnitude of the scenery. Finally understand why people have been traveling and continue to travel from around the world to see this place. The reason why it’s a national landmark and a space to be saved for future generations to experience for themselves. Shed more tears because you really don’t know why you’re so overwhelmed by something you’ve seen on countless screen savers your entire life.  

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