Zellers Go West: Grand Canyon

Going to see the Grand Canyon was one of those experiences I never really had on my “bucket list” of travel destinations. It seemed so… Americana generic? Something to do with my future family on a road trip?

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Kicking Off a Hiking Hobby

When Kyle turned 31 we decided that as a couple of actual “adults” we needed an activity to do as a couple (and drinking beer at a new bar didn’t count). We actually decided this when we turned 30, but it took another trip around the sun to actually put the plan into place.

Planning a trip to hike in the Grand Canyon also helped get a few training hikes onto the calendar to test out our boots.  Continue reading “Kicking Off a Hiking Hobby”

Finally the Final Kitchen

If I actually wrote a blog post for every time I said to Kyle, “I’ll write a blog post about this!” … we’d have a more interesting blog.

Anyway. Here is the finally finished post on our finally finished kitchen renovation! Here is what we did and how we got to the finish line of a kitchen that’s what we wanted (mostly, at least).

While plotting and planning the cabinets and kitchen layout (which took two years, by the way), we received a lot of “well you have to think about the resale” comments. People told us to, “keep it neutral” so we could sell the house without offending any potential buyers. Well, I wasn’t going to renovate the kitchen to sell; I’m renovating to live! By the time we sell the house, anything “standard” today would be out of date anyway … so dammit, we’re doing what we want.

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