The Main Event

Now for the main event! When we started planning our wedding we knew we wanted it to be personal and full of love. What we weren’t expecting was just HOW personal everything turned out, let’s just say if you didn’t know “Kyle and Ali” too well before the ceremony, you certainly knew a lot about us coming out of it.

Our officiant, Rev. Bonnie, was fantastic. A few weeks before the wedding we met her for coffee and hung out for an evening talking about ourselves and learning about Rev. Bonnie. To put it lightly, she had used about everything we shared with her about us – from meeting during the Hurricane Ike blackout at UD, to Kyle sanding and painting my old kitchen table a couple months ago. She talked about how “impressed” I was with Kyle’s beer pong playing, and how Kyle thought I was the prettiest of my college roommates when we met (and who were all bridesmaids). So embarrassing but at least we all were able to come clean, right?

Brandon, one of Kyle’s best friends, gave a reading during the ceremony. When we called him to ask if he’d do it, he asked if he could write one himself. It was beautiful and perfect and certainly one of the most special moments of the day.

Rev. Bonnie sharing the embarrassing details…


Brandon, making us cry…

ali-kyle-211* ali-kyle-222* ali-kyle-244* ali-kyle-246

And, we’re married!¬†ali-kyle-251*ali-kyle-252* ali-kyle-253* ali-kyle-255***

Let’s make this official!


Still more photos and memories to share! Next we’ll post photos from the cocktail hour on the rooftop of Clarendon Ballroom.

The Walk Down the Aisle

I really didn’t think walking down the aisle was going to be as emotional and wonderful as it was. ¬†Being with my dad, and seeing everyone I love most in the world all together in one room, and Kyle at the end of the aisle smiling was definitely the most amazing experience.

Our moms …


ali-kyle-190 ali-kyle-191 ali-kyle-192 ali-kyle-193 ali-kyle-194 ali-kyle-195 ali-kyle-196 ali-kyle-197 Kyle, patiently waiting for his bride …


And here we are!

ali-kyle-202*ali-kyle-205** ali-kyle-206* ali-kyle-208*


Next up on the blog: highlights from the ceremony!

Pre-Ceremony Photoshoots

Kyle and I didn’t see each other before I walked down the aisle, so we took our “group shots” with our best friends and family members separately.

Bridesmaids went to the Georgetown waterfront park …


I wore my mom’s veil – the veil’s lace trim just happened to match, almost exactly, the lace pattern on my dress.


ali-kyle-158* ali-kyle-154**

8 bridesmaids! Each of them are so special to me.

The girls all picked out their own dresses, and I just smile so much every time I think about how great they all looked together, and how lucky I am to have such wonderful girlfriends.


And the guys hung out in the park across from the hotel in Rosslyn (they looked great in their own suits!) …

ali-kyle-94* ali-kyle-96Next up – a post on the ceremony!