The last post about flooring

These floor boards have caused me so much stress. If after this I never have to think about this 150 square foot span of walking space again, I’ll die a happy lady. I swear this is the last post about floors and I’m keeping it fast. 

After the cork plans burst up into flames, (don’t even get me started) we were feeling pretty low. Hence the months-long gap in writing a blog post about it. As I was chronicling the woe to my family (and everyone within earshot) over my brother’s wedding weekend, my very smart cousin asks, “why don’t you just paint the floor?” Hmmm… I guess, why not?

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Decisions, Decisions Down the Drain

We’ve made a decision: Cork.
It’s cheap enough that we can afford it (a big win).
The color blends well with the rest of the room
It’s not trying to be wood.

That was what I wrote last week when I started this post and was just SO confident in our decision. Too confident, you’ll soon learn.  
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I’m Going to Call it Progress

I’m going to be honest with you. This floor has really done a number on me.

I have been feeling completely conflicted about where to take things from here. Do we rip it up and put new wood down for the floor? Do we keep it and accept it as “character” of the house? Do we keep testing out stripping chemicals and bleaching agents? Our friends, family, and coworkers have all been so helpful with suggesting options. Someone even recommended we paint the wood – at first I laughed, but then now I’m thinking that could be kind of cool-looking… I might also be going crazy. Who knows at this point. The exact plan is still being worked out with our contractor but I have a feeling it’s going to be okay in the end.

Anyway, this past weekend I had to get something done and it had to be done the exact way I wanted to do it. I just couldn’t take another week of feeling like no progress has been made on our house and quality of living in it.  

My focus: decorate the guest bedroom. We’ve been in the house now for two full years and despite most of our most loved friends and family coming to visit I haven’t had the motivation, resources, and vision for what I wanted until now.

Before: BeforePicGuestRoom1


Call it retail therapy if you like, but I’m going to call it progress.  

And, cheaper than a therapist, so really a win-win.