Holiday Recap

The holidays came and went so quickly I am in shock that it’s almost February. Here are just a few photos to recap our entire holiday season.

First up: Thanksgiving! My parents drove out to DC to spend the holiday with Kyle and I. This was our first Thanksgiving married, and were really pumped to use our new china to eat a meal prepared using our other wedding gifts.

DSC_1417 DSC_1432 DSC_1436 DSC_1441

While mom and I shopped on Black Friday Dad andKyle spent the day at the Udvar Hazy Center of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.


For Christmas, we packed up the car and drove out to Ohio to visit both families. Lilly came with us too (hey, she’s old and can’t handle a new babysitter at this age). After visiting with the Zellers we spent most of the week with my parents in their new kitchen enjoying way too much food.

DSC_1643 DSC_1647

I’m so thankful we were able to spend a fantastic night in Dayton visiting with some of my best girls before hitting the road.


Speaking of the road, we took Rt. 50 the ENTIRE trip from Cincinnati to DC. It was an experience I would highly recommend to any fellow highway-haters out there. The trip is both scenic and fascinating, sometimes a trip through time.

You get rivers, mountains, valleys, crumbling towns, big towns, Civil War battlefields, and a lot of Dairy Queens. There was a lot of beauty I’d love to go back and capture for real sometime.


And yes, that’s Lilly’s preferred spot for the car ride – except for when she was wanting snuggle time on Kyle’s lap. She’s so sweet when she’s sleeping isn’t she?

Once we made it back – it was time for New Year’s Eve! We were a little late to the party store and had to do a DIY-option with a pack of pirate hats. We just stayed local and low-key.



Now that we’re rested, it’s time for another adventure! What’s next?

Toast Time!

Once we were back from the photoshoot in the park and cocktail hour it was time for introductions, toasts, prayers, and dinner (basically, all of the best parts of a wedding, in my opinion).

First, introductions (to the tune of “C’mon N’ Ride It (the Train)” …

ali-kyle-325* ali-kyle-327* ali-kyle-328* ali-kyle-329* ali-kyle-331* ali-kyle-332* ali-kyle-333* ali-kyle-334**

Dad, giving his hilarious and very moving speech …

ali-kyle-342** ali-kyle-344* ali-kyle-346* Zach, giving his speech. I’ll never forget his opening “I never thought Ali would get married” … ali-kyle-348*My good friend Meghan, we’ve been BFFs for 8 years! Another tear-jerker …
ali-kyle-353* Grandpa, looking handsome giving the prayer before dinner … ali-kyle-359**Obie, another entertaining speech …

Mr. Zeller giving a very sweet speech …

Dinner time!

ali-kyle-365-T ali-kyle-366-T ali-kyle-367-T ali-kyle-368-T ali-kyle-369-T ali-kyle-370-T ali-kyle-371-T ali-kyle-372-T ali-kyle-373-T ali-kyle-374-T ali-kyle-375-T ali-kyle-376-T ali-kyle-377-T ali-kyle-378-T ali-kyle-379-T ali-kyle-380-T ali-kyle-381-T ali-kyle-382-T ali-kyle-383-T ali-kyle-384-T ali-kyle-385-T ali-kyle-386-T ali-kyle-387-T ali-kyle-388-T ali-kyle-389-T ali-kyle-390-T

The Party Between the Parties

While the party headed to the rooftop for some cocktails, we took some group shots and Kyle and I headed to a park around the corner for some time to ourselves and a few photos of the two of us making out.

The entire Kroeger family!

ali-kyle-258 With Grandma and Grandpa Kroeger … ali-kyle-259 With Kyle’s parents … ali-kyle-260Kyle’s Dad and family …
ali-kyle-261 Kyle’s mom … ali-kyle-262My parents …

ali-kyle-264 My two favorite guys …ali-kyle-265** This was difficult to get, but the entire wedding party… ali-kyle-266 On the roof (these photos are some of my favorite) … ali-kyle-270 ali-kyle-272 ali-kyle-273 ali-kyle-277ali-kyle-275***ali-kyle-276***FRAME
ali-kyle-284* ali-kyle-286* ali-kyle-300**ali-kyle-303* ali-kyle-304* ali-kyle-308* For Office Frame